Usefull advices

Good to know

We recommend that when setting the time of departure to the airport to be aware of traffic conditions and airlines recommendations, on the time required for customs clearance and check-in. The driver will be waiting at the address indicated by you will take you to the airport departures terminal.

Online check-in

Using this procedure, you can select the location in the plane, the flight register and you can print your boarding pass. Thus, if you only have hand luggage, you can go directly to the boarding gate, saving significant time waiting at the airport.

Airlines baggage policy

 In hand luggage you are not allowed to carry liquids, gels, creams, sprays, lotions etc. in containers larger than 100 ml. The maximum amount allowed is 1,000 ml (1liter) per person. The containers must be packed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag (20cm x 20cm approximate size). Containers larger than 100 ml must be submitted in checked baggage.

There are some items considered dangerous, which for safety reasons must not becarried in passenger baggage. Since each company has its own policy on luggage, we recommend checking the information on the official website of the company that you are flying with.

Travel insurance

Before going abroad, we recommend buying travel insurance. When traveling within the European Union, you can receive the required emergency medical services under European Health Insurance Card.